Why does a cat wash its face

Почему кошка умывается

A domestic cat washes for a total of half a day. Washing or licking your body is an instinctive process. When kittens are born, they are regularly licked by a caring mother cat. Licking serves as an incentive for the kittens to breathe normally. In addition, when licking blind kittens, the mother cat tries to bring the kittens to the point where they start sucking milk. Licking the kitten’s belly is a stimulus to the normal functioning of its stomach and intestines.
Use of washing
Adult cats lick their bodies for several purposes:
On the surface of the cat’s skin, at the base of each hair, there are small glands that can produce the substance sebum. This substance is necessary for the cat to keep its hair from being wet. In addition, the substance contributes to the fact that the cat’s body easily processes vitamins and trace elements necessary for its health. These are vitamin D, phosphorus, and calcium that make cat bones and teeth strong.
Licking itself, the cat removes the fallen hair, and most importantly-the smell of its body, which is very well felt by mice, which many cats catch.
Washing is a way to keep warm and, conversely, reduce the body temperature if the cat is hot. Washing does not allow parasites to live in the thick hair of the cat.
Cat’s tongue
The cat’s tongue is an instrument of washing. It is rough because its surface is covered with small bumps that are directed inward. These bumps, like many hooks, cling to dirt, excess hair, which are then sent to the cat’s stomach. Cat’s tongue is a great massager for the cat’s body.

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