Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport

Get your luggage, inform our representatives that you have arrived and go to the top floor of Alicante airport (departure area — SALIDAS), go outside and wait for your car in front of the only Starbucks cafe in this area, passing through the crosswalk.

One of the great advantages of booking a car at Alicante airport online, in addition to the significant economic benefits, is also saving time, because upon arrival, all your data is already with the rental company, it remains only to sign the contract. Do not forget to take with you the original documents that you indicated when booking the car on our website and the booking voucher. car rental alicante for

Our representatives will arrive on site within 5-15 minutes after your notification, give you the keys to the car, you sign the contract and that’s it. This method is popularly known as Meet & Greet and allows you to avoid wasting time waiting in line for your car, especially during the high tourist season.

It is also easy to return the car, just bring it to the same place where you received it, having previously notified us 15 — 20 minutes before entering the departure area.

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